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How to Tell Someone They Have Mesothelioma

There is no easy way for a doctor to tell a patient that they are suffering from mesothelioma and that there is not cure.

However it is suggested that the best approach is one of being honest and direct but also that each patient is different. The language should be language that the patient and the family can understand and not peppered with complex medical and scientific jargon.

At the same time the patient and the family should be allowed to express their emotions and not feel they have to bottle up their feelings. It should be clear exactly what the medical issues are and all questions should be answered clearly as well as future plans discussed and the patient should try and begin to discuss his or her preferences when it comes to treatment options.

The patient should also be encouraged to stay with the family as many will want to be alone having heard the news but being alone does not always improve the situation, it can in fact make it worse. Involving the family in the diagnosis and the potential future treatment plans help both the patient and those who may be left behind.

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