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Firefighters and Cancer

Following a two day meeting to discuss the studies which show a correlation between the jobs of firefighters and cancer, it appears that nothing is being done to lessen the risk.

The report stated that firefighters need information on how to reduce the risks of cancer including work related preventative measures such as proper maintenance of their personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as lifestyle changes such as diet, stopping smoking and exercise.

One of the studies showed that when firefighters were researched in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Chicago they found above average cancers of the digestive tract, kidney, bladder, prostate, oral and respiratory cancers and mesothelioma.

The report went on to state that the current studies just look at exposures during a fire and not before or after, nor other environments so there is still a need to look at everything including stand by duties, and the toxins found within the fire house itself.

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